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Egerton 1998
Judy Egerton
National Gallery Catalogues: The British School
National Gallery Publications
London, UK
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Secondary published
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National Gallery, London
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456 pp. with numerous colour and monochrome illustrations. Foreword by Neil MacGregor, text by Judy Egerton. The two major paintings in the collection are discussed with full apparatus including technical notes, and illustrated in colour on pp. 326-31: P110 Holt Bridge on the River Dee (NG 6196); P111 The Valley of the Dee with Chester in the Distance (NG 6197). Illustrated in monochrome and also discussed in the text are P90 The Destruction of the Children of Niobe (p. 329, fig. 2) and D358 Holt Bridge on the River Dee (pp. 328-29, fig. 1) A second edition was published in 2000.