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Egerton 1990
Judy Egerton
Wright of Derby
Tate Gallery
London, UK
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Secondary published
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Tate Gallery, London
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Published on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition at the Tate Gallery, London: 7 February - 22 April, 1990; Grand Palais, Paris: 17 May - 23 July, 1990; and Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York: 6 September - 2 December, 1990. 294 pp. with copious colour and monochrome illustrations. Landscape backgrounds slowly became an important part of Wright's work from about 1770. The debt to Wilson in his late Italian landscapes such as Lake Albano, Lake Nemi (both c. 1790-92, YCBA) and Lake Nemi at Sunset (c.1790, Paris, Palais du Louvre) is discussed on pp. 185-86.