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Ford 1948
Brinsley Ford
'The Dartmouth Collection of Drawings by Richard Wilson'
The Burlington Magazine
London, UK
Date of Publication
December 1948
Secondary published
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Vol. 90, no. 549, pp. 337-45. The article publishes 25 newly-discovered drawings by Wilson 'which only came to light at the beginning of this year [1948], when they were discovered by Lady Dartmouth in a cupboard at Patshull House after having been lost sight of for nearly a century and a half.' As the author states, the collection constitutes the most important group of the artist's finished drawings in existence. He then traces the provenance and historiography of the works from their commission to their disappearance after 1811 and discusses the probability of Farington's assertion that there were 68 drawings originally. Of the surviving 25, 19 are identified as views of Rome and its environs, three as separate views, two as designs for fountains and one as a dramatic composition. The article concludes with an annotated list of the drawings. [All have since been sold and are scattered across the world; no missing ones have been discovered and a few have disappeared again].
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