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Cardiff, Manchester and London, 2003-4
Thomas Jones (1742-1803): An Artist Rediscovered
National Museum & Gallery, Cardiff, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester and National Gallery, London
21 May 2003 - 15 February 2004
Ann Sumner, Greg Smith and Christopher Riopelle
Related Publication
Exhibition catalogue: A. Sumner & G. Smith, eds., Thomas Jones (1742-1803): An Artist Rediscovered, New Haven and London, 2003 [Sumner & Smith 2003]
More Information
The exhibition was at Cardiff, 21 May - 10 August 2003; Manchester, 22 August - 26 October 2003 and London 12 November 2003 - 15 February 2004. It comprised 166 works, mainly by Jones but including the following paintings and drawings by Wilson and Mengs's portrait of the artist (NWP1):

P97A A Summer Evening ('On the Arno' - II) (no. 15 - River View, On the Arno, Cardiff & Manchester only)
P127 Wilson and Studio, The Lake of Nemi or Speculum Dianae with Dolbadarn Castle (no. 16, Cardiff only)
D245 The Arbra Sacra on the Banks of Lake Nemi (no. 19)
D261 Ariccia (no. 17, Cardiff and Manchester only)
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