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Manchester 1857
Art Treasures of the United Kingdom
Manchester, Exhibition Hall
5 May - 17 October 1857
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Catalogue of the Art Treasures of the United Kingdom: Collected at Manchester in 1857, 207 pp., London, Bradbury & Evans, price 1 shilling
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This massive survey of pre-eminent fine and decorative art in British collections included the following 16 paintings by or associated with Wilson:

P18 The Foundling Hospital, London (Modern Masters, no. 149)
P19 St George's Hospital, London (Modern Masters, no. 164)
P56 Rome from the Villa Madama (Modern Masters, no. 29 - Rome, with the Alban Hills)
P57 Rome: St Peter's and the Vatican from the Janiculum (Modern Masters, no. 34 - Rome, with St Peter's)
P86 The River Dee near Eaton Hall (Modern Masters, no. 165)
P89A The Thames near Marble Hill, Twickenham (Modern Masters, no. 37 - View on the Thames near Marble Hill)
P90 The Destruction of the Children of Niobe (Modern Masters, no. 32 - Niobe)
P98 A Summer Evening, River View (Modern Masters, no. 39 - View on the Arno)
P120A Llyn Peris and Dolbadarn Castle (Modern Masters, no. 40 - Landscape)
P162A Cicero with his Friend Atticus and Brother Quintus at his Villa at Arpinum (Modern Masters, no. 36 - Cicero's Villa)
P165A Dinas Bran from Llangollen - I (Modern Masters, no. 38 - Vale of Llangollen)
P170 Sandpit in a Glade (Modern Masters, no. 151 - View in Wales or no. 162 - Welch Landscape)
P171 A View in the Villa Chigi at Ariccia (Modern Masters, no. 151 - View in Wales or no. 162 - Welch Landscape)
P177 River Mouth with Peasants dancing (Modern Masters, no. 41 - Landscape)
Ascribed to Wilson 'Portrait of Himself' (Modern Masters, no. 167) [Royal Academy of Arts, London 03/3135]
Anton Raphael Mengs, Portrait of Richard Wilson (British Portrait Gallery, no. 311).