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Norwich 1958
Eighteenth-Century Italy and the Grand Tour
Norwich, Castle Museum
23 May - 20 July 1958
Norman R. Tillett
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Catalogue of a Loan Exhibition of Eighteenth-Century Italy and the Grand Tour at Norwich Castle Museum by Norman R. Tillett, Norwich 1958
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The exhibition comprised 106 paintings and works on paper by British, Dutch, French, German and Italian artists. Wilson was represented by seven works:

P55 The Summons of Cincinnatus (no. 59)
P56 Rome from the Villa Madama (no. 61)
P57 Rome: St Peter's and the Vatican from the Janiculum (no. 60)
P60 The Temple of Minerva Medica, Rome (no. 58)
D225 The Villa Madama, Rome, with a Man seated in the Foreground (no. 62)
D303 The Palatine Mount (no. 63)
A Villa overlooking the Campagna, drawing, present location unknown (no. 57)
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