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London 1969
The Art of Claude Lorrain
London, Hayward Gallery
7 November - 14 December 1969
Michael Kitson and Deborah Howard
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Exhibition catalogue: The Art of Claude Lorrain, London, Arts Council, 1969, 79 pp. & 32 pp. of black and white pls.
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This was the first major exhibition devoted primarily to the work of Claude Lorrain. Organised by the Arts Council of Great Britain and the Northern Arts Association, it comprised 185 objects and included sections illustrating influential predecessors and contemporaries as well as later artists influenced by Claude. Wilson was represented by one painting and two drawings:

P64 Rome from the Ponte Molle (no. 137)
D210 Italian Landscape: A Man seated under a Tree (no. 168)
D232 A Ruined Arch (no. 169 - A Ruin)
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