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Charles Rogers, 1711-1784
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Biographical Details
Rogers was a collector and a writer. Born in London, he worked in the Customs House from 1732 and became Clerk of the Certificates in 1747. His employer, William Townson, encouraged in him a taste for the arts and left him his house at 3 Lawrence Pountney Lane London, including his library and collections. Rogers cultivated good relations with the leading artists and connoisseurs of the day and continued to collect on a major scale, notably Old Master drawings. In 1752 he became a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and in 1757 a Fellow of the Royal Society. In 1778 he published A Collection of Prints in Imitation of Drawings, to which are annexed Lives of their Authors, with explanatory and critical Notes. On his death he left his collections to his brother-in-law, William Cotton, who sold the majority in two sales in 1799 and 1801.

Collector's marks: Lugt 624-626
Patronage of Works
D339 Santo Stephano/Stefano Rotondo, Claudian Aqueduct, The British Museum
Significant institutions
Customs House
Society of Antiquaries
Royal Society