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London 1951-52
The First Hundred Years of the Royal Academy, 1769-1858
London, Royal Academy
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[1] Unillustrated eponymous catalogue, with essays by E.K. Waterhouse, Paul Oppé, Graham Reynolds, Charles Wheeler and A.E. Richardson, 288 pp., price 2/-
[2] Illustrated souvenir catalogue, 89 pp. of black and white pls and index, price 5/-
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The exhibition comprised 765 objects - paintings, works on paper and sculpture. Wilson was represented by eight works:

P88D Syon House from Richmond Gardens II - Evening (no. 27)
P110 Holt Bridge on the River Dee (no. 21)
P111 The Valley of the Dee with Chester in the Distance (no. 23 - Landscape)
P126 Tabley House, Cheshire (no. 81)
P173 Okehampton Castle, Devonshire (no. 83)
View from Muswell Hill with Minchenden House, Private Collection (no. 10)
Ascribed to Wilson Portrait of John Hamilton Mortimer, Royal Academy of Arts (no. 49)
Ascribed to Wilson 'Self-Portrait', Royal Academy of Arts (no. 740a)
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