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Conisbee 1979
Philip Conisbee
'Pre-Romantic Plein-Air Painting'
Art History
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December 1979
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Vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 413-28, pls 23-33. The article surveys the origins and development of the practice of making oil studies from nature from the early C17 up to c.1780. Wilson is mentioned on p. 425.
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'If Vernet was the éminence grise behind Alexander Cozen's interest in painting out-of-doors, then perhaps indirectly he is behind the two 1752 pictures by Richard Wilson now in Dublin, where on the one hand we see a painter at his easel in Tivoli, [P44] and on the other we subsequently see his assistant staggering home with an enormous canvas or portfolio [P45].' (p. 425)