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Thane, John
John Thane, 1748-1818
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Biographical Details
John Thane was a writer, engraver, expert on coins and dealer in prints, who collected both prints and drawings. His business was at Prince's Street Soho, then Lisle Street. Posthumous sales of his collection were held 23 November-3 December 1818, at King, London; 25-26 March 1819, George Jones, London (included works on paper by Wilson); 17-31 May 1819, King, London; 23 November 1819 and three following days, George Jones, London; 22 November 1820 and the following evening, George Jones, London; 2 May 1821 and two following days, George Jones, London.

Thane's collection included D358 Holt Bridge on the River Dee Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery

Collector's mark: Lugt 1544, 2393