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Grant 1952
Col. Maurice Harold Grant
A Dictionary of British Landscape Painters
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233 pp., with intercalated advertisements for dealers etc. According to the author's preface 'the aim of this work is to assemble, in a single volume, the entire corpus of the British School of Landscape-painters, hitherto dispersed in many sources unobtainable or prohibitively costly even when available.' Wilson is listed on p. 225 in a rhapsodic, highly personal commentary including a summary of the major locations of his works.
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The two opening sentences of Wilson's entry: 'Adjudged by many to be the greatest Landscape-painter of the British School, by some the greatest in the world, by all to be great, he can only be noticed here with the brevity which is one of the honours due to his renown. His celebrity may chiefly and briefly be ascribed to his incomparable technique.'