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Manchester 1988
Travels in Italy 1776-1783: Based on the Memoirs of Thomas Jones
Manchester, Whitworth Art Gallery
7 October - 10 December 1988
Francis W. Hawcroft
Related Publication
F. Hawcroft, Travels in Italy 1776-1783, Whitworth Art Gallery, University of Manchester 1988 [Hawcroft 1988]
More Information
This exhibition comprised 151 oils, works on paper and sketchbooks illustrating many of the places in Rome, Naples and the surrounding countryside which were visited by Wilson's pupil and countryman, Thomas Jones between October 1776 and November 1783. It included three works by Wilson:

P64 Rome and the Ponte Molle (no. 27)
D261 Ariccia (no. 73)
D294 The Castel Nuovo, Naples (no. 107)