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John Landseer, 1762/3-1852
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Biographical Details
John Landseer, engraver and antiquary, was the father of the renowned Victorian artist, Edwin Landseer. During his youth, his family moved to London, where he was apprenticed to the engraver William Byrne (1743–1805). Landseer's earliest single plates, published in Joseph Farington's Views in the Lake Country (1784-88), were landscapes. He was a prolific printmaker and an occasional painter in oils, who consistently exhibited work at the Royal Academy, where in 1802 he forcefully inaugurated and thereafter continued to support for many years the campaign for engravers to be made full academicians. Landseer owned P178 The Falls of Niagara , Wolverhampton Art Gallery.
Patronage of Works
P178 The Falls of Niagara, Wolverhampton Art Gallery
Significant institutions
Royal Academy