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Solkin Dissertation
David Solkin
'Richard Wilson and the British Landscape'
Ann Arbor, Mich: UMI
Date of Publication
Secondary published
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Yale University
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Two-volume publication of the author's PhD thesis, Yale University, 1978. Vol. 1, 228 pp. is text; vol. 2 comprises 136 monochrome pls. The thesis assesses Wilson's views of Britain, seeking a fuller understanding of them within their artistic and cultural context and breaking much new ground. It is divided into three main thematic sections: Thames valley subjects, sites in rural England and Wales, and country house and garden scenes. With the aim of determining how Wilson's approach began and developed over time, innovative use is made of literary sources as an avenue for exploring contemporary attitudes towards his chosen sites. His artistic discovery of Wales is placed against the background of a widespread contemporary revival of interest in ancient British history, and links between his works and the evolving ideas of landscape garden-design are explored in detail.
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