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James Gandon, 1742-1823
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Biographical Details
James Gandon was a publisher, printmaker (copper-plate engraver) and architect who worked in London and Dublin. He enrolled at William Shipley's Drawing Academy and spent two years there, acquiring the skills of a draughtsman. An associate of Joseph Farington, he regarded Wilson as a 'valuable friend'* and produced a number of prints after his work, notably five etchings for John Boydell's Twelve Original Views in Italy , published in 1776. They were E34 Baths of Dioclesian. E36 Banks of the Tiber, E37 Temple of Romulus and Remus, E40 Castle of Ischia and E41 Pompey's Bridge at Terni.

*T.J. Mulvany, The Life of James Gandon, Esq. 1846, facsimile reprint ed. M. Craig, 1969, p. 191.
Significant institutions
Gandon exhibited in 1762 and 1763 at the Free Society of Artists where he was a member, at the Society of Artists from 1765 to 1773 and at the Royal Academy from 1774 to 1780.
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