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Edward Augustus, Duke of York and Albany, 1739-1767
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Edward Augustus, Duke of York and Albany was the second son of Frederick, Prince of Wales (1707-1751). He was educated with his brother, the future George III, who was only ten months older than he. On 27 October 1760, following his brother's accession to the throne, the Duke of York was sworn into the Privy Council and as heir presumptive, moved into apartments in St James's Palace. He toured Italy between November 1763 and August 1764 and was portrayed in Rome by Nathaniel Dance (Royal Collection) and several times by Batoni (Royal Collection and other versions). In 1749 Wilson painted the the Duke with his older brother as children with their tutor, Dr Francis Ayscough: P24 George III and the Duke of York, National Portrait Gallery, London and other versions.