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Booth Notes Doc. 3
Benjamin Booth
Unpublished Notes, Document 3
Unpublished manuscript
London, UK
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Private Collection, England
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A second short manuscript biography of Wilson in ink by Booth on flattened folded quarto sheet, paper watermarked but undated. Originally part of a letter, addressed verso to Wilson's pupil, William Hodges [Hodges], who was living in Queen Street from 1785. It is likely that the information was used by Hodges in the composition of his account of Wilson's life published in The European Magazine and London Review in June 1790 [Hodges 1790]. Hodges died in 1797 and the letter may have been returned to Booth after his death.
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Recto: Mr. Richd. Wilsons father was | the Revd. John Wilson, Rector of Penegos | in Montgomeryshire. Mr R: Wilson was | born in 1714, and was placed by | His Father in the year 1729 under | Mr. Thos. Wright, Portrait Painter. | He was at Venice one year, and | in Italy six years, and returned | from [sic] England in 1755. He died | [deletion] May 11th. 1782 at Llanverras | near Clomendre, in the County of | Denbigh, when on a visit to His | cousin Mrs. Jones, & was buried | at Mold in the County of Flint. He died after a short illness, & | was up the day He died - when | the servant who attended Him | put Him to bed He observed that | Mr. Wilson breathed with difficulty | & went down stairs to acquaint | Mrs. Jones therewith, & upon His | immediate return He found | Mr. Wilson dead. Verso: [Inverted:] [1] Seven short mathematical calculations [2] Wm Hodges R.A. | Queen P [= Place?] Mayfair BB./
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