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Scrapbook 1
Mary Ford
Page from Scrapbook/Autograph Book
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Private Collection, England
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T-Z 2
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Inscribed in upper right corner: 108 [&] T2 or TZ. The page contains two drawings, individually mounted above and below a cut-out printed short biography of Wilson. Annotated at the bottom by the late Sir Brinsley Ford: 'These are both very delightful and typical examples of Richard Wilson's drawings. They undoubtedly come from the Ford Collection, and | from the[?] group which was purchased by a member of my family at | the sale of William Lock of Norbury in, I think, 1821. | Very similar drawings are in my collection, and some are reproduced | in my book on Richard Wilson's drawings. [Ford 1951] Brinsley Ford | April 1966.
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