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Rowse 1946
A.L. Rowse
Poems of Deliverance
Faber & Faber
London, UK
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This book of poems published in honour of ' the men who have returned from the war in memory of those who did not come back' contained a word-picture of P102 The Vale of Narni (pp. 59-60).
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On Richard Wilson's "Lake of Narni"' [sic] The tops of the pines are like a balloon Floating in the Italian sky: An emerald bubble that seems to move And yet is held eternally. To left, the pillared cypresses Stand on guard above the stream, Whose placid surface mirrors a wood Where all is dark as in a dream. The roadway winds around to the right, On the bluff a ruined tower; The lake is bathed in golden light, Magic in this surrendered hour. At the foot of the trees, a peasant troop Of gay and coloured figures lie, Taking their delightful ease Under the mellow Italian sky. Here in the foreground look at these: A contadino leans on his crook, Takes the hand of his girl in his So they stand and exchange a look That lasts for ever. O moving light, Liquid and lovely on mountain and stream, On country boy and girl that stand In the green landscape of a dream: Stillness and innocence and peace: So let them stand, so let them be, So let the loving light suffuse The Italian sky eternally.