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Manchester 1957
Art Treasures Centenary Exhibition: European Old Masters
Manchester City Art Gallery
30 October - 31 December 1957
S.D. Cleveland, Douglas Hall and others
Related Publication
[1] Exhibition catalogue, 82 pp., no illustrations
[2] Illustrated souvenir catalogue, viii pp. text & 44 black and white pls
More Information
This exhibition, comprising 258 works, was held 'commemorating the famous exhibition, The Art Treasures of the United Kingdom, held at Manchester in 1857.' [Manchester 1857]. Wilson was represented by three works:

P34 River, Road and Village (no. 196 - Landscape with a Road beside a River)
P57 Rome: St Peter's and the Vatican from the Janiculum (no. 190)
P126 Tabley House, Cheshire (no. 192)