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Spence 1752/53
Joseph Spence (1699-1768)
Letter from Rome
Notes and Queries, Oxford University Press
Oxford, UK
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Vol. 188, 30 June 1945, p. 272. Edited by P.D. Mundy. Although undated, from circumstantial evidence the letter must have been written between August 1752 and July 1753. 'Mr. Walter' is probably John Rolle who took the name of Rolle-Walter on succeeding to the estates of his maternal uncle, Sir Robert Walter, and commissioned or bought P63 & P64 from Wilson. The Earls of Dartmouth and Pembroke were two of the artist's best patrons and the Earl of Essex spent time with the artist in Italy. James Russel acted as agent for Ralph Howard.
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Captain Rolle is very well, in Rome, and in a Palace very well furnished with English at present. In one floor is Mr. Walter and the Captain, in another Kit Golding with his young lords, Dartmouth and North, and in a third Ld. Chief Justice Lee's son and one Mr. Fitzhugh. Young Russel, the painter, is their cicerone. For lords they are soon to have all the following: the Earls of Pembroke and Essex, Ld. Tufton, Ld. Charlemont from Naples, Ld. Bruce from Milan and Lord Tilney from Florence.