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Moor Park Receipt 1767
Richard Wilson
Receipt for Three Paintings
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Constable 1962 doc. 1
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In Constable 1962 the author reported that in 1954 a receipted, signed account in Wilson's handwriting for P133 Moor Park Hertfordshire, P134 Moor Park, Distant View towards Cassiobury and P135 View from Moor Park towards Rickmansworth had been discovered by the Marquis of Zetland. It disposed of an earlier attribution of the paintings to George Cuitt (1743-1818) and confirmed that all three were finished before December 1767. Constable observed that it also showed that Wilson was getting reasonably good prices for his work, though he was rising rather than an established painter.
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Sir Lawrence Dundas Bart. To three large views of Moor Park at eighty guineas each - £252 0 0 Dec. 3rd 1767