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Hayward's List
Lindsay Stainton
'Hayward's List: British Visitors to Rome, 1753-1775'
Walpole Society
London, UK
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Secondary published
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Vol. 49, pp. 3-36. Hayward's List was first brought to public attention by A.J. Finberg in a letter to The Times Literary Supplement on 26 December 1918. It is one of the most useful sources for the dates when British artists visited Rome from 1753 to 1775. The author, Richard Hayward (1728-1800) the sculptor, was himself in Rome only from June 1753 to April 1754 but the list contains 120 names, providing accurate information about the movements of many artists, well-known or forgotten. According to Hayward, Wilson left Rome in August 1756 [p. 2]. The original manuscript is in the Print Room at the British Museum and this is the first and only published version of it. It includes an introductory essay and biographical index by Lindsay Stainton.