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Huttleston Rogers Broughton, 1st Lord Fairhaven, 1896-1966
Connection to Wilson
Biographical Details
Lord Fairhaven was the eldest son of Urban Hanlon Broughton (1857-1929), an Anglo-American sanitation and mining entrepreneur, and Cara Rogers (1867-1939) the daughter of Henry Huttleston Rogers (1840-1909), an American oil, gas, copper and railway tycoon. Fairhaven loved British art and architecture, and he when he bought Anglesey Abbey in Cambridgeshire, he had it carefully restored and extended. He gradually filled the house with a very fine collection of paintings, bronzes, tapestries, furniture, clocks and books. An enthusiast for British landscape he owned a number of paintings by or attributed to Wilson, including P100 Landscape with Castle and Lake , P132 View of Windsor Forest (his best) and P176A Gypsies near the Entrance to a Wood . On his death he left Anglesey Abbey, its contents, gardens and an endowment to the National Trust.