Bay of Baiae - Temple of Venus

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Bay of Baiae - Temple of Venus
Bay of Baiae - Temple of Venus
Bay of Baiae - Temple of Venus
Victoria & Albert Museum, London
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Richard Wilson (1713/14-1782)
Bay of Baiae - Temple of Venus
c.1752-54 (undated)
Black chalk on grey paper, slightly washed with Indian ink, and heightened with white
Metric: 252 x 412 mm
Imperial: 9 7/8 x 16 3/16 in.
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A view of a ruined hexagonal building near a lake with a wood in the background, a group of four figures in the foreground and others beyond
Bequeathed by the Revd Alexander Dyce 1869
Unsigned; inscribed in black ink lower right: 647
The so-called Temple of Venus at Baiae on the northwest shore of the Gulf of Naples was built in the reign of the Emperor Hadrian (117-137 AD). It was actually a thermal bath, reaching down to about six meters below the modern ground level.
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Critical commentary
Ford noted the accuracy with which Wilson has drawn the architectural details of the monument. He also noted that the temple 'somewhat altered in shape, is the subject of a picture owned by T. Hastings, and etched by him in 1821.' [E72/14]
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