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Sir William Chambers, 1722-1796
Connection to Wilson
Biographical Details
William Chambers was a leading architect of Scottish birth, who had a Franco-Swedish education and studied in Italy before setting up in practice in London. He refined English Palladianism and is best known for his Treatise of Civil Architecture (1759), the pagoda at Kew and his design of Somerset House in London (1776).

Wilson and Chambers knew each other fom their joint involvement in the Society of Artists of Great Britain, the Royal Academy and from their work for the same patrons. Chambers was employed in 1757 by the Dowager Princess of Wales to expand the work begun at Kew by her late husband, Frederick Prince of Wales (1707-1751). Wilson depicted Chambers's work there in P108 The Ruined Arch in Kew Gardens Private Collection, England, and P109 Kew Gardens: The Pagoda and Palladian Bridge , Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection. He also produced pictures of houses and estates where Chambers had significant involvement, such as Wilton (P76, P77, P78, P79, P80). Chambers himself owned Whitton Place, an estate on Hounslow Heath and in P131 On Hounslow Heath, Tate, London and other versions, Wilson depicted the view showing part of the watermeadows beside the River Crane adjoining it.
Patronage of Works
His posthumous sale at Christie's, 6 April 1799 included P46A Ariccia - I, Private Collection, England (lot 79)