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Westminster 1874
Duke of Westminster
Unpublished Letter written by the Duke of Westminster to his Kinsman, Canon J.S.Howson
Date of Publication
Unpublished letter, 17 January 1874
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The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, University of Birmingham
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Unpublished letter written by the Duke of Westminster to his kinsman, Canon J.S.Howson, presenting him with P86 The River Dee near Eaton Hall (now in The Barber Institute).
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The letter reads: 'My dear Howson, I should be very glad if you would accept the small picture of the Dee which you have been kind enough to take care of for us, as a little memorial of your life on its banks, and for the good you are doing for the dwellers on its banks, also of your historical account of it in the Art Journal. Believe me to be, Yours truly, Westminster