River and Farmhouse - I (River Scene with Lime Kiln)

River and Farmhouse - I (River Scene with Lime Kiln)
River and Farmhouse - I (River Scene with Lime Kiln)
River and Farmhouse - I  (River Scene with Lime Kiln)
The Bowes Museum
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Richard Wilson (1713/14-1782)
River and Farmhouse - I (River Scene with Lime Kiln)
After 1757 (undated)
Oil on canvas
Metric: 43.8 x 55.3 cm
Imperial: 17 1/4 x 21 3/4 in.
Wilson Online Reference
Two trees stand in the left foreground with two figures under them. In the centre on the far bank is a low building with a chimney; there are two boats in the water to the right. High ground is in the left distance but to the right is flat country with distant hills.
Rudolph Edmund Aloysius Feilding, Viscount Feilding (1885-1937), Newnham Paddox, Rugby; sold Christie's 1 July 1938 (139 - River Scene; A peasant seated under a tall tree with a shepherdess standing by his side; a river flowing across the centre with hills beyond), bt Gooden & Fox (£336); Ernest Cook, 1, Sion Hill Place, Bath; bequeathed to the National Art Collections Fund (NACF)1955 and presented to the Bowes Museum by the NACF
Unsigned; no inscription
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Critical commentary
This and two other versions cited by W.G. Constable differ from P35 in details and in the figures, such as the boy leaning against the tree, the woman wearing a shawl and hood and a dog which is substituted for the third figure. Their clothing and attitudes are thus far removed from those of Zuccarelli and have assumed a more northern character, making it probable that this and the other versions were painted later, perhaps in England.
WGC, p. 216 under pl. 103a (other version 3)
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