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Solkin 1978
David Solkin
'Some New Light on the Drawings of Richard Wilson'
Master Drawings
New York, USA
Date of Publication
Winter 1978
Secondary published
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Vol. 16, no. 4, pp. 404-14, 467-78, pls. 15a - 26b. Solkin uses the discovery of several important hitherto unknown examples to explore a number of unresolved issues concerning the role of draughtsmanship in Wilson's landscape oeuvre. Drawings discussed include: D101 Artists sketching on a River Bank; D178 Arpinum; D272 Circus of Maxentius and Tomb of Cecilia Metella; D273A The Circus of Caracalla; D273B The Circus of Caracalla, Rome; D274 Temple of Bacchus, Rome; D280/6 Italian Sketchbook - Drawings pp. 6(v) and 7(r); D283 'Il Mascherone': A Rocaille Fountain in the Grounds of the Villa Borghese; D305 Baths of Dioclesian; D322 St Peter's from the West; D334 The Baths of Caracalla at Albano; D335 La Riccia (Ariccia); D350/1 Study for Wilton House: Temple Copse and Stables; D350/2 Study for Wilton House looking East; D352 Wilton House from the South East; D354 The Banks of the River Dee near Eaton Hall, Cheshire; D367 Study for Snowdon from Llyn Nantlle; D371 Study for 'Cicero and his Friends'; D373 Study for The Wilderness in St James's Park; Circus of Caracalla (location unknown); 'Il Mascherone': A Rocaille Fountain in the Grounds of the Villa Borghese (location uinknown)
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