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Booth Notes Doc. 5
Benjamin Booth
Unpublished Notes, Document 5: List of Wilson's Works with Owners
Unpublished manuscript
London, UK
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Private Collection, England
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An unnumbered manuscript list of Wilson's works on a torn, unfolded laid foolscap sheet, recto and verso, watermarked 'GR' (p. 1) and Britannia (p. 2) but undated.
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[Page 1] Works of Rd Wilson's Niobe ----- in collection of Duke of Gloucester [P90] Niobe ------------do --------- D of Bridgwater [P90A] [Inserted:] Niobe ^like to Sr. G. Beaumont [two illegible words] Do -- Sir John Leicester\ [P90D] Phaeton do---------[= D of Bridgewater] [P119A] Sion House from his park --do--- D Northumberland - [deleted word] [unlocated] Cicero at Tusculum -------- do ---Sr. Watkin Wm. Wynne [P162A] Dinas Bran w^th\ } Langollen & Bridge} ------- do -------------- Do [P165] Llangollen Vale -------------- do-------------- Do [P166] Snowdon ^engd by Woollet\ do-------------- Do [unlocated] Cader Ydris --------------------- do--------------- Do [?P179] 2 small views in Wales ---------- do------------- Do [P170 & P171] [Word erased] a Storm ^engd by Roberts\ --do---Peter Delme Seneca at his Villa ------------------------------- do---Robt. Ledger Maecenas' Villa ----------------------------------- do---John Purling -- [deleted: 2/-] Lake of Albano ^now 1790 Mr Booth's\ & others. do -- Hulse [P118B] Cicero at Tusculum engd by Woollet -- Sr. Jn. Smith 2/- [P162] Niobe------- }Collection of Sr. Geo. Beaumont } NB. The 4 pictures underneath mentd. } were in Royal Exhibition 1774 }No. 314. a View from Castello Gondolfo towd. } Rome. including the Alban Lake - Monte } Cavo. the Campania di Roma. [deleted: Ending] ^ending| } with Monte Soracte & the Sabine Hills } 315 the Cataract of Niagara. [P178] ^NB\ this Picture } was painted from the Drawing taken on } the spot by Coll. Hamilton it has been } engraved by Hearne. } 316 a View of Cader Idris Mountains in ^No: Wales\} } 317 Oakhampton Castle in Devonshire } built by Baldwin de Bryone before the Conquest [P173] } Collection of Oldfield Bowles } [Faint pencil:] See 2 other papers with a } List of Mr Wilson's paintings } sent to Exhibitions from } 1761 to 1773 ---------- [Page 2] Colln of Sir Patrick Blake Oakhampton Castle } ------- do --- Phillips of Cornwall [?NWP174A] in Devon? } Several more --------------- do---------------Do----- Tabley in Cheshire -- do -- Sr Jno Leicester sent [?] in the Royal Exh^n\ 1780} A View in Windsor Great Park } sent [?] in Royal Exh^n\. 1778 -} do--------------- The Passage of the Alps at Mount Cenis } a View [deleted: of] ^from\ Muswell Hill w^th\. Minchenden H.} (D. of Chandos) the Lake of Nemi } the Hermitage at St Marino } the above 4 were in the Royal Exh. 1775. } [opposite the preceding bracketed four:] {Apollo & the Seasons {a Landscape w^th\ Gypsies {a View in St James's Park {a Review on Wimbleton Common {The above 4 were in the Royal Exhibition 1779 Ceyx & Alcione (engraved by Woollet). Colln. of Celadon and Amelia -- engd by d---- Do. Wm. Locke Sion House from ye Thames [P88D] } Temple Bacchus -------------- } Temple Venus painted for E Penny } Vew in Italy painted at Rome ------- } View in Italy - late Sr G Colebrook } Do-------- late -----do--------- } View in Wales ----------------------- } a Temple in Ruins & View of Bay of} } Naples painted for E Penny -}- [P92A]} il Teatro. Villa Madama ------------- [P91D]} Speculum Dianae (Lake Nemi) [P81] } Ben Booth Villa Aemiliana near Rome } } painted for P. Sandby- } [P117] } Gypsies in Wood with the ---- } } Subterranean Cavern 15 m from} } Rome. paint^d\ for Do. --- } [P176]} a View of Rme from Pont Mola .. [P64A]} a View of Campagna from the} } Sibyl's Temple ----} [P142C]} a View in Italy with a ruined } } Bridge & circular Temple} } a View of Lake Albano near Rome } a View Italy - large Firs in Front } & Figures in Shadow by a Road- } [Page 3] Lake Nemi [deleted: 'a Sketch'] ----------}- a View of an Italian Villa } } from a Convent Garden } } in Coll^n.\ of Dr. Woolcot a Setting Sun ----------------------------- } a View in Kew Gardens [P109] -------- }- and several more ----------------------} ------- ---- Do. John Hunter ------- ---- Do. Sr. Wm. Chambers. ------- ---- Do. Witton, Hamersmith ------- ---- Do. Arnold - Greenwich ------- ---- Do. Mitchell ------- ---- Do. Harman a View. painted at Rome -------} Temple of Venus ----------------- } Temple of Minerva Medica } Paul Sandby. a Storm [D369?] ------------------} Adrian's Villa. painted for Epeny } -- JFarrington Maecenas's _ Do painted for Epeny } a View in Italy ^6 Feet by 4 Feet 8 Inches\ --------------------- Gardner a Storm. (a Sketch) ------------- Malchair. Oxon_ a View of the Foundling Hospital [P18] a do. ----of----------do. [P19]} ^now\ at the Hospital painted for the Governors } Meleager & Atalanta [P163] engraved by Woollet } Apollo & the Seasons } R.Sayer. Richmond. engraved by Woollet } a View from the Tiber ------------------------------- a View of [deleted: an Italian] ^Caesarini\ Villa } } [inserted:] ^Jensano and its Lake\ } } from a Convent Garden [P72] } } late Parsons'. now 1790 and Others ----------------------------------------------- } in Mr Booths Colln. Ceyx & Alcione [P157]-----------------------------------}------- Ryland engrav'd by Woollet} The Falls of Niagara in N. America [P178] ------------------- eng^d\ by Byrne [Page 4] a View of ye Ruin'd Temple on Strada Nomentana} {Mrs. Cath French's a do. of Temple Venus at Baya -------------------} {of Hampton Court {painted for her on NB. The above Pair of Landscapes were {the Recommendation of like mine - only smaller ab^t.\ 12 by 10 Inch {Dr. Robert Bragge sold at Mrs French's sale at Christie's Rooms 12 March 1791 - for 24 guineas to a Mr Birch of Stanhope Street who boasts he shou'd have given as much more for them sooner than any one else should have had 'em --- a View in Windsor Forest Ld Albermarle } introduced descending Hill in a Phaeton } E Albermarle a Warm Sun setting [P112] - I have the sketch. } [Lower left in pencil, turned through 90 degrees: 'RW' (large, the R inverted in ligature)]
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