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London 1916
Exhibition of the Herbert Horne Collection of Drawings with special Reference to the works of Alexander Cozens with some decorative Furniture and other Objects of Art
London, Burlington Fine Arts Club
Laurence Binyon
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Eponymous catalogue [Binyon 1916]
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Herbert Horne's collection was sold en bloc to Sir Edward Marsh in 1904, the year before Horne took up residence permanently in Florence. The exhibition comprised 128 drawings, many of them by Alexander Cozens but including eight by or ascribed to Wilson:
D68 Still-Life with Flask (no. 6)
D75 Landscape Sketch: View through the Arches (no. 14)
D180 A Roman Aqueduct (no. 62)
D181 The Torre del Fiscale near Rome (no. 11 - Landscape Sketch)
D265 Study of Foliage (no. 13)
D277 Distant View of the Colosseum and Arch of Constantine, Rome (no. 58 -Landscape Composition)
D278 Landscape Composition - An Italian Garden (no. 52)
Pupil of Wilson Temple of the Sibyl, Tivoli (no. 50)